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The Perfect VAT, Tax & Accounting Compliance Solution for European Cross-border Firms

Introducing Yucco International

When your business needs to cross borders in Europe, you can rely on Yucco as a trusted Tax and Accounting advisor.

Based in Paris, our team of multingual (French, German, English) experts are specialized in handling complex Tax, Accounting and Compliance requirements in France, in Germany and in the rest of the European Union.

Yucco was founded by Nicolas Groult, a highly experienced French Tax & Accounting advisor with over 18 years experience of working with major or medium-sized French, German and European companies.

Yucco’s philosophy is to offer simplicity to the right price and to work in a community of interests with its employees, its customers, its suppliers, and its partners.

List of services


Tax inspections, Transfer Pricing, payroll, social advice, international mobility, social representation, Inte...


Advice, VAT returns, European statistic declarations, custom regulations

Tax compliance

Establishment of your business tax declarations, secured storage of your documents on the European territory


Shared or not-shared digitalised Bookkeeping, electronic documents flow, travel costs solution, compliance of ...

Financial Statements

Yearly review of your accounts, accruals, cut-off, tax calculations, CIT returns, legal Notes, general meeting...

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Yucco International
48 boulevard Malesherbes
75008 PARIS

Yucco International is a French company in process of being registered certified as a member of the French Board of Chartered Accountants